June 16, 2010

mascara ♥

hello again little haute couture children. today, im going to review one of my favourite mascaras at the moment. maybelline's pulse perfection mascara.now, i am obviously in no position to judge which mascara is best out there since i am only a teenager on a limited budger however, i'd like to share with you what i think of this one!
[PROS]it does wonders for my lanky lashes and also gives a certain darkness to them. sexy.
[CONS]the vibration tickles your eyes for the first few times and might even make you tear up.
im in love

xo Julie


  1. I've always been afraid of this mascara lol, Im sooo sensitive with my eyes, and that vibrating thing scares me haha.


    Redhead in Law

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm glad you liked my photo shoot. I like the idea of your blog to review make-up and beauty products, don't worry about outfit of the days, keep doing your reviews, they're really good.


    p.s. I'm too scared to let this mascara wand near my eye with vibrations, it could lead to dangerous black smudges under my eyes. Not a good look.

  3. @carly you are very welcome and thanks for the advice :) but i tell you, it's a very subtle vibration. it won't smudge at all :)

  4. I love vibrating mascara, it gives you such good lash separation, you can totally notice the difference. It took me a while to get used to the wand, but now that I have I love it!

  5. omg ive been wondering for a while whether these were any good! maybe i should try it.. not a huge makeup person but mascara is a staple.


    [v] hobovogue


Thanks for the comments xox