June 22, 2010

sparklyblacknails ♥

hi everyone!

i would like to share with you one of my favourite colour of nails for this season!
have you ever been bored with plain black nail polish but still wanted that edgy look?
look no further! i've got the the perfect solution; sparkling black nails!

plain black nails are out and metallic colours are in!

[PROS] long-lasting and you only need one coat!
[CONS] kind of expensive + hard to remove

nail polish - dior
ring - aldo

xo julie

June 20, 2010


Hey all!

Today, I will review Covergirl's smokyshadowblast. "Double-sided shadow stick for a bold and smoky eye ".When I saw the ads with Drew Barrymore, I thought they looked so cool. So, a couple of months ago, I bought two of them : Bronze fire and Purple plume.
I must say I am very disappointed ! The dark side creases like crazy ! And it doesn't look smoky. BUT, I still use the light side of Bronze fire alone or with a powder eyeshadow in the crease everyday. But Purple plume is so freakin' ugly, I don't recommand it !

[PROS]: Easy to apply, nice sheen, cheap.
[CONS]: Creases right away, not smoky.
PS: English is not my first language, feel free to correct me.

June 19, 2010

clothing haul !

hi everyone! how is sunday treating you? i have recently gone shopping and am happy to present this blog's first shopping haul! to start things off, i'd like to point out that i am not ''showing off'' but merely showing exposing fashion finds to you all!

shirt - stitches
skirt - winners
shoes - spring
xo julie

California Gurls ♥

Hey lovelies!
Have you seen Katy Perry's latest videoclip, California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg ?

I have always loved her fierce personnality and this clip embodies her spunk-ness perfectly. The video is sexy (aka the cottoncandy part), but it's not trashy and shocking like Gaga's and Miley's because it is fun and playful. I also think she is a style icon. She was the first to sport rompers back in 2008 ! She's a great source of inspiration, and there is one item that I got that is fully inspired by her. It's my eyeglasses ! I bought them in 2009, but I don't wear them often since I can see pretty well without them.

LOL ! haha smiley mood :D

x, Pam

June 18, 2010

summer 2010 ♥

hey everyone! school is almost over for some of us and i decided it was far time to show off some skin. this outfit was put together last minute for final exams :)

top & tank top - american eagle
shorts - dynamite

how is everyone's summer going so far?
xo julie

June 17, 2010

Denim vest.

Hey all !
A couple of days ago, I brought my camera to school so a friend could take pictures, but unfortunately it was raining today. We took the pictures in the staircase haha ! We took only a few shots.They turned out blurry and ugly. Whatever, next time they'll be better :)
I wore a cropped acid-washed cropped denim vest that I bought this winter. I wore simple black clothes to keep the focus on the jacket. I also wore winged liquid eyeliner, which you can't see in the pictures obviously !
PS: Feel free to correct my mistakes, english is not my first language !

Close up

Clearer picture

Denim jacket - Zara
Black tank top - Jacob
Black capris - Garage
Nail polish - L.A Girls

June 16, 2010

mascara ♥

hello again little haute couture children. today, im going to review one of my favourite mascaras at the moment. maybelline's pulse perfection mascara.now, i am obviously in no position to judge which mascara is best out there since i am only a teenager on a limited budger however, i'd like to share with you what i think of this one!
[PROS]it does wonders for my lanky lashes and also gives a certain darkness to them. sexy.
[CONS]the vibration tickles your eyes for the first few times and might even make you tear up.
im in love

xo Julie

June 15, 2010


Hey all !
First of all, I want to thank you for the comments you left to Julie and me (:
Today, I wore a preppy pink pleated blouse with a sparkly headband. I think it looks so Blair Waldorf-y (from Gossip Girl) ! I tried to take pictures with the timer on the camera, but they were not good. Not much to say today, except that in three days, school is over ! I can't wait :D And you, are you on holidays ?

Blouse - Chado
Headband- Garage
Pants- Dynamite
x, Pam

June 14, 2010

hello fashionistas

warning: these are the extents of my wardrobe so do not expect many ''outfits of the day'' from me anytime soon. i will mostly stick to makeup hauls and such crap.

shirt - costa blanca
shorts - garage

xo julie

June 13, 2010

Blue nail polish ♥

Hey all !
No outfit of the day, since i'm not going out today. But I thought I'd share with you my favorite nail polish of the moment. It's a green/blue color, really trendy right now.
It reminds me of Chanel's Nouvelle Vague. Also, it has been seen a lot on Lauren Conrad.

Mine is L.A Girl black light Disco brites. Here's my little review on it:
Pros: Cheap price, long lasting, black light brite, hard to find color.
Cons: Your nails become yellow-ish when you take it off (if you keep it a long time).

Ring : Aldo
Nail polish : L.A Girls
x, Pam

June 12, 2010

Barbecue tonight.

Hey everyone ! I'm Paméla and this is my first post. Just trying to figure out how this works.

Julie and I started this blog to share our fashion and outfits of the day. I don't think I have a good style, but it's fun to share it anyway. I don't have a high quality camera, but that's okay . Tonight, some family is coming over to celebrate my brother's birthday, so I wore a dress. and let my hair air dry.

dress - Dynamite
jeggings- Garage
x, Pam