June 17, 2010

Denim vest.

Hey all !
A couple of days ago, I brought my camera to school so a friend could take pictures, but unfortunately it was raining today. We took the pictures in the staircase haha ! We took only a few shots.They turned out blurry and ugly. Whatever, next time they'll be better :)
I wore a cropped acid-washed cropped denim vest that I bought this winter. I wore simple black clothes to keep the focus on the jacket. I also wore winged liquid eyeliner, which you can't see in the pictures obviously !
PS: Feel free to correct my mistakes, english is not my first language !

Close up

Clearer picture

Denim jacket - Zara
Black tank top - Jacob
Black capris - Garage
Nail polish - L.A Girls


Thanks for the comments xox