July 20, 2010

Bleu lavande .

Hey guys ! It's Pam :) Yesterday, I visited a part of Québec that i have never been to before : Eastern Townships. I went to Bleu Lavande, which is the biggest lavander producer in North America. Unfortunately, we missed the peak day of blooming by only 10 days! I don't got any outfit of the day to show you, sorry. Oh, and does anybody have a clue how to make pictures appear bigger ?

xo, Pam

July 10, 2010

bad news

i am sorry to announce there will not be many posts from me for the next few weeks, if not any.
i have been going to summer school full time and on top of that, have been working a part-time job to fullfill my constant craving for fashion.
unfortunately, i will not have 1 day off until august 1st; meaning school on weekdays and work on the weekends and often overlapping into the week.

just for your basic idea, my daily outfits resemble a messy bun and a uniform, which isn't quite interesting.

so what this wall of text is all leading to is i will be busy for the next month or so but, after that, i will be off to montreal and new york so i will have many, many new posts for you by then. meanwhile i thank you all for your numerous comments as well as your follows. it means alot to me and paméla to have people enjoy our rookie fashion sense :P
a side note along with this novel of a post, if you have any ideas on a post that i could possibly fit into my schedual, feel free to drop a comment below and i will be sure to try and make that suggestion come true :)

xo julie

July 5, 2010

fashion capital ♥

summer 2010?

xo julie

July 3, 2010

RIP King Of Pop

it's hard to believe it has already been 1 whole year since the musical legend Michael Jackson has left us. He was not only an uncomparable musical talent but also an extrodinary trend-setter.
Jackson's fashion sense has deeply influenced the signature looks of the 70s, 80s and 90s. I am convinced you will agree with me that this fashion blog would not be complete without a dedicated post to one of the greatest musical and fahion icons of our times.

may he continue to rest in peace

*NOTE: the weather continues to be horrible where i live so unless you guys want more horrific bathroom mirror shots, you will have to excuse my absence of outfits of the day's, although i will try and think of newways to blog every other day.*
PS : We are two girls on the blog. Pam is the nice one who leaves comments to you lovely bloggers ! Julie is the girl who does bathroom mirror shots !
xo julie

Nude shirt.

Hey all!
I went to the Zara sale yesterday and I bought a nude shirt ! It is a little big for me but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It is really windy today and I took some pictures outside. Those are my first pictures of that kind, I hope you enjoy !

Shirt - Zara ; Shorts - Garage; Ring - Garage