July 10, 2010

bad news

i am sorry to announce there will not be many posts from me for the next few weeks, if not any.
i have been going to summer school full time and on top of that, have been working a part-time job to fullfill my constant craving for fashion.
unfortunately, i will not have 1 day off until august 1st; meaning school on weekdays and work on the weekends and often overlapping into the week.

just for your basic idea, my daily outfits resemble a messy bun and a uniform, which isn't quite interesting.

so what this wall of text is all leading to is i will be busy for the next month or so but, after that, i will be off to montreal and new york so i will have many, many new posts for you by then. meanwhile i thank you all for your numerous comments as well as your follows. it means alot to me and paméla to have people enjoy our rookie fashion sense :P
a side note along with this novel of a post, if you have any ideas on a post that i could possibly fit into my schedual, feel free to drop a comment below and i will be sure to try and make that suggestion come true :)

xo julie


  1. I feel sorry for you! what is summer school though? here we have almost two months off in the summer :| but so exciting you will be heading towards montreal and NEW YORK!!! cool. are you going to make lots of pics for us?
    btw, why I thought you were belgian, well just more a feeling, saw some french and felt like pam (outfit several posts below this one) had a Belgian face (okay this must sound so stupid haha). Just a feeling. I almost put my reaction in Dutch though, glad I did not ;) I know the language of Canada is for us very hard to understand :(

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  3. good luck with summer school then, hope all goes well and try to also relax! :)

  4. I understand, good luck girl!

  5. oh no!
    goood luck and have fun!

  6. JULIE!!!
    Omg I can't wait to see you baby girl!! <3 <3


Thanks for the comments xox